Design T-Shirts and Earn Passive money

Design T-Shirts and Earn Passive money

Are you a T-shirt designer and do not have money to establish your brand? Do you want to earn
passive money by designing T-shirts? If yes, then your dream can come true. Many online
websites and businesses allows you to earn money by just designing T-Shirts. You do not have to
make it and sell it. You can simply upload your designs on these websites and the website will
take care of the rest of it i.e. Making it, selling it, packing it, and Shipping it.

Each time someone will purchase your T-Shirt you will earn a commission from it and the website
will pay you. This means that if you have some designs of T-Shirts that you have created in the
past, now its time to sell it and earn passive money. You will be receiving the commission of each
T-shirt purchased by the audience even after years of creating it.

Many websites allow you to custom design T-shirts and if your design becomes popular and hit sales, you will be able to earn
royalties over it. If you do not know how to design T-Shirts you can also hire someone to do it for you as earning passive money requires either time or money initially.
In this article you will learn how to earn passive money by designing T-Shirts?

Top secrets that can help you boost up your sales & which are the platforms allows you to sell your designs

Earn passive money by selling T-Shirt Designs online

Designing T-shirts and selling online is the easiest way to earn passive income. But this process
needs a lot of challenging work and time. Once you have established your name and earning
money, there is no way back. You can sell your T-shirt designs online in two ways. Firstly, you
can establish your online store by creating a website. But this process takes a lot more effort to
sell your designs and earn money. In this method, you must have to make an effort in marketing
of your website to promote your designs. Secondly, you can sell your T-shirt designs by uploading
it on other sales & retails websites.

Many websites allow graphic designers to sell their T-Shirt designs online and when someone
purchases it, they print it, pack it, and deliver it. You have nothing to do with the next process
after uploading T-Shirt designs because the websites take care of it. When a T-Shirt is sold, the
website pays royalty to the designer. For example, if your t-shirt’s actual cost is $20 to buy, the
designer will get approximately $7 royalty. There is no limit of earnings by selling t-shirt designs
and earn passive money. On average, a designer can make $2000 to $9000 if his designs are

Secrets of a superior design and boosting up sales

Your earnings from t-shirt designs are dependent on several factors i.e. Style of shirt, targeted
audience, and the platform you have chosen to sell your designs. The following are some of the
secrets of a good selling t-shirt design and strategies to boost up your sales.

  1.  The t-shirt design should be attractive and appealing to your target audience.
  2. Write an engaging t-shirt description with proper tags that best describe the t-shirt.
  3. Choose right keywords for your t-shirt title. It will help the buyers to search and find your
  4. You can earn passive money by licensing print on demand t-shirt to an online
    brand/website. These websites or brands pay royalty fee to you typically between 10%-
    25% of the price.
  5.  You can create innovative designs every month according to the trends.
  6.  An excellent marketing strategy can help you boost your sales. You can contact online
    businesses and send them your designs or paid promotions.
  7.  If you have a website or blog and an engaging audience, you can use it to boost up your
    sales by driving it on the website you are uploading your designs and earn passive income.
  8.  Market your t-shirts through different social media platforms and drive traffic towards
    your website.

Software that can help you creating t-shirt designs

There are many softwares that are helpful in creating interesting t-shirt designs. You can use
anyone of them if you are a graphic designer and want to design your t-shirts by yourself.
Adobe illustrator: This software is usually used by professional graphic designers for designing
products i.e. T-shirts, cover pages, and product packaging, etc. Many websites offer free
templates of designing which you can export in Adobe illustrator.

GraffixPro studio: It is a paid software designed for people who want to design graphics easily.
It has numerous features, designs, samples, and templates. GraffixPro studio allows a demo trial
but you must contact their team to avail it. You can use this app to create amazing designs and
earn passive money.

Designhill T-shirt Maker: As its name suggests, this software provides a lot of features for
designing t-shirts. It is an excellent app to design custom shirts. The main advantage of this app
is that it very easy to use and have a user-friendly interface.
Rush – order Tee: Creating t-shirt designs with Rush – Order Tee is a very quick process with a lot
of customization options. This app has several colors of t-shirts and styles for manufacturers to
choose from them. This app is best for you if you need to create a design speedily.
Platforms that allow you to sell t-shirt designs online
The following are some popular websites that allows designers to sell their designs online and
make passive money.

Merch by Amazon: It is by far the most popular website of selling your designs online and make
passive money. They have a lot of convenient options available for designers as they just need
to create and upload the designs. The rest of the work including printing, packaging, and shipping
would be done by the website.

Redbubble: This is also a very famous website for earning passive income by selling your designs.
The most interesting feature of this website is that you yourself will decide the price of the t-shirt
being sold after printing & shipping. So, profit margins are high on it.

Teespring: Like other websites, it also allows you to sell your designs and earn commissions on
each design being sold. It also provides a free training university where you can learn about
promoting products.

CafePress: It provides a wide variety of templates you can chose to design your t-shirts and sell
them. It gives sellers a flexibility and free registration. You can create and upload as many
designs as you can.


Designing t-shirts and make passive money has been growing from the past several years with
the advent of digital businesses. To earn passive income from designing t-shirts, you need to
make an effort to promote your product. Once you have established your name, you can earn
income without doing anything anymore.

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