How to Earn Money Passively from YouTube

YouTube is a digital platform on which anyone can view, create, and upload any kind of videos.
It is a very commonly used platform around the world for learning, teaching, and entertainment
purposes. You can also earn money passively from YouTube by Creating your YouTube channel.
It allows you to create and share any kind of content you like. Anyone around the world can view
your videos, rate, like, share, download, and add to their Playlist. YouTube earnings are
dependent on the number of subscribers and the total watch time of your video. If you are good
at anything i.e. Motivational Speaking, Healthcare tips, fashion tips, haircare, graphics designer,
and video editor you can create your YouTube channel and start making money.
In short, you can make videos on anything and upload them on YouTube and can earn money
passively. If you have a large community of friends around, it will help you a lot in growing your
channel. So why not start making money by doing what you love?
In this article, you are going to know about how to start your YouTube channel, how to get
more subscribers, monetize the channel, and some amazing YouTube tips that can help you
generate income passively.

Before starting your YouTube channel, you just need to have the following things in your mind:

    •  YouTube is an amazing digital platform that allows you to create money by doing what
      you love. But you must have to be patient about it.
    •  Before starting YouTube channel, think carefully about what niche you want to start your
      channel. Sticking to a specific niche will make people to subscribe your channel who
      wants to hear you out.
    •  After selecting a niche, select the topics on which you want to talk about or teach about.
      Chose the topics that are of interest because you can create content on these topics with
    •  Brainstorm ideas and write them on the paper. Read all the topics/ideas twice and filter
      out the topics that you think you can create content on them efficiently.
    •  You can also use ‘Google trends’ to check what is more popular related to your niche and
      select the topic.
    •  Do some practice by talking to yourself in front of the mirror. It will help you to speak
      effectively way in front of the camera.


How to create a YouTube channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is not a difficult task. It is the easiest thing to do to earn money
passively from YouTube. You can create a YouTube channel from both mobile and laptop. Follow
the steps below:

1. Open from Google.
2. Click on the top right corner of the screen that appears in front of you and click on Sign in
button. Add the Gmail account you want to create your channel on.
3. Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of your YouTube account and then click
on the YouTube studio to create channel and set your channel name. Your channel has
been created.
4. Now customize your channel’s background picture which is also called a banner. A banner
is just like your Facebook cover photo but the image is much larger than that. To create
an attractive banner, use free software such as Canva and Photoshop. Add the customized
banner on your channel.
5. Create different sections on your channel such as Playlists, popular videos, and most
recent videos, etc.
6. The next section is most important to write carefully which is your About section so that
people can see what’s your channel is about.
7. Add an attractive profile picture. Your channel is ready to earn money passively. Start
uploading videos with attractive and engaging thumbnails.

How you will get money from the videos you are uploading?

YouTube will pay you for the content you are creating once you will reach a watch time of 4000
hours and 1000 subscribers. To get this watch time and the number of subscribers starts
uploading your videos and promote your channel through different social media platforms. Ask
for Peer’s help to promote your channel in their circle. Many websites are selling subscriptions
and views so you can also buy from them with little money. Once you reach it you need to
monetize your channel with Google AdSense. Once you will get approved by Google AdSense,
your account will be monetized and you will receive money on the bases of views and adds played
on your video.

YouTube gives $0.01 to $0.03 per add view and it is estimated that an average YouTube channel
makes almost $10,400 to $17,330 yearly. You can earn money passively – once you’ve uploaded
a video, your job is done u will make money on every view.

Tips to Grow your YouTube channel within 6 months:

  •  Create unique and interesting content
  •  Don’t create long videos because viewers prefer watching short videos that can give them
    more information or entertainment in a short time
  •  If you’re creating educational videos, don’t forget to include some entertainment in the
    video i.e. A joke related to the topic studies or something humorous. It will increase the
    viewers’ interest in watching your videos.
  •  Market your videos on all of your social media platforms i.e. Snapchat, Facebook,
    Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc.
  •  Engaged with your audience by doing live sessions, reply to them in the comment section,
    or add an email for your audience so that they can ask any queries from you.
  •  Make your channel visually appealing i.e. Create attractive thumbnails, engaging video
    titles, or something that you think might attract viewers
  •  Upload videos frequently and engage your viewers asking them for like, comment,
    subscribe, and share.
  •  Buy subscriptions and watch time if you can afford.
  •  Lastly, if you’re a teacher, blogger, influencer, fitness expert, or a fashion guide try to
    relate with your audience as much as you can. People love to watch and follow those with
    whom they find themselves relatable.


Earn money passively from YouTube is not a very difficult task but you just need to be dedicated,
creative, and efficient. Creating quality content and engaging with your viewers is a key to earn
money passively from YouTube with little effort. Create your YouTube channel and start earning
money from today.

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