Make Money by Teaching Online on Skillshare


If you are looking for an online job opportunity where you can make passive money, then
Skillshare is the best website for you. It is an online learning community because it provides
thousands of learning courses to students. The courses are posted by teachers. As provides a
huge opportunity of teaching online to the people who love to teach, but they do not have
enough time on weekdays. This platform provides you a chance to earn money by teaching
online. You do not need to follow a daily schedule like traditional teaching. Teachers can record
their lectures and set a schedule for posting the classes anytime. Skillshare offers many courses
you can teach according to your interest such as science, arts and crafts, and entertainment, etc.

According to an estimate, an average teacher gets an average of 1300$ by his classes.
In this article, I have written about how to earn money by teaching online on Skillshare and
what are the important tips that can help you make passive money.

Teaching online on Skillshare is very easy as compared to other teaching websites. It helps you
in making money by sitting at your homes. But before start teaching and creating your classes
on Skillshare, you need to think and write down the following points:

  •  Think about your target audience to whom you will be delivering your classes.
  •  Choose your topic for classes which you find interesting. The topic selection should be
    very careful as people want to have quality content.
  •  Research your target audience and get to know about their interests. Read reviews of
    students under other teacher’s courses. This will help you understand what your target
    audience might want to have.
  •  Use a decent quality camera or mobile phone to record your videos.
  •  Use a good quality microphone to have a clear voice behind your videos.
  •  Chose a decent software to edit your videos.
  •  Set a schedule for posting your classes according to your comfort time so that you can
    also engage with your students.

How Skillshare pays money for the classes?

Skillshare pays money for teaching online. It allows you to create 3 types of accounts, i.e. Free
trial, monthly premium, and yearly premium. The trial account period is two months and after
this period ends the website will cut the charges of monthly premiums from your account. The
monthly premium cost you about 15$ and the yearly period will cost you 99$.

The teachers make money on the posted videos if students of premium packages watch their
course. Teachers must pay for premium packages to take classes regularly. It has 7 million
students affiliated with the website and learning their courses. Once you have published the
class, you will get money for each minute the video is watched even if you have not published
another video for months. The money is paid according to the number of minutes the video is
being watched. Typically teachers earn between $0.05 to $0.10 for every minute the video will
be watched. This means that if you have 1000 students, you can easily make $500-$1000 by
teaching online. It also offers bite-sized classes regularly and pays for it if someone has less than
500 students.

Create an account on Skillshare

To create a teacher’s account on Skillshare, follow the below steps:
1. Firstly, Search on your browser and click signup.
2. Secondly, Enter your first name, last name, email address, and password. Click on signup.
3. If you don’t want to spend money initially and publish your classes, signup for a 2-month
free trial and fill out the billing information. Now log in to the account.
4. Thirdly, Chose the teaching section and then click on start a class.
5. Upload your class videos, lessons under the video lessons category.
6. Click on class info below video lessons, and add an engaging title of your video along with
the description of your class.
7. Choose your category of class, sub-category, class type, and level.
In other words, the more premium students will watch your class, the more money you will make
by teaching online.

Other methods of earning money online through Skillshare

You can also make money without teaching on Skillshare with just little effort. This website
provides you a chance to earn by referral links. When anyone will make a subscription on
Skillshare by using your referral link, you will get a commission of 10$.
Benefits of teaching online on Skillshare over other websites

  •  It is user friendly and very easy to sign up.
  •  Its free plan offers more than 2,427 free courses during the 2 months free trial period.
    You can cancel the trial period anytime to avoid subscription charges before the trial
    period ends.
  •  You can make passive income through Skillshare with little investment i.e. Monthly and
    yearly subscription.
  •  Most of the online teaching websites take their commission from your class earnings but
    Skillshare takes no such commission except the subscription fee.
  •  If you have built a nice community of your students, you can earn beyond imagination.
  •  If you have a class of 2000 students who follow and regularly take your classes, you can
    make a significant amount of money without posting the next class for months.
  •  The organic positive reviews of your students are very helpful in growing your Skillshare
  •  The best part of Skillshare teaching online is that anyone can teach and create its channel.
    There is no need for a degree to start teaching on Skillshare.


In conclusion, Skillshare is the best website for you if you have some skills and do something
productive. You can make decent money by teaching online on this website by posting your
courses. It is free and has no signup charges. Rather, you have to pay price for a premium
subscription which is very low as compared to other websites. Signup and start utilizing your skills
by making decent money through Skillshare.

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