Make Passive money through Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for an online earning method where you can make passive money with little
effort? Affiliate marketing is here to help you out. It is one of the most popular methods of
earning passive money online. The main reason for choosing affiliate marketing as your income
method is that you do not have to put much effort. You can make money while doing other things
i.e. Traveling, vacationing, and running other businesses, etc. It is estimated that an average
affiliate marketer earns up to five figures income in dollars yearly.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is like a promotional business where you promote products of companies and
get a commission. When someone buys a product from the company or website through your
affiliate link, you get a commission. The amount of commission depends on the chosen product
you are promoting and the affiliate program you are associated with. In affiliate marketing, there
are three parties involved.

  •  Firstly, there is a merchant or an affiliate network that creates and sells products. It can
    be any website or company. Sometimes the merchant is only an affiliate network that
    sells products and not the one who created. The merchant and creator of the product can
    or cannot be the same.
  •  Secondly, there is an affiliate who promotes the products of the merchant through a
    special affiliate link.
  •  Thirdly, there is a consumer who is purchasing products through the affiliate link.

How much you can make in Affiliate Marketing?

You can make passive money through affiliate marketing. In other words, there is no limit that
how much you can make in affiliate marketing. Once you have got familiar with the techniques
and strategies you can earn a minimum of $100 per day. You earning depends on how much you
spend on it. You can involve in affiliate marketing as a product owner or an affiliate marketer. As
a product owner, you only have to create a product and the rest will be on the affiliate marketer.
Affiliate marketing is best for those who want to make passive money but do not want to spend
time on product creation. You can choose a product you like, promote it, and when someone
buys through your special affiliate link you will get a commission.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

If you want to make passive money in affiliate marketing, you just need to know its following

  •  Almost all companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers and spend a lot of money
    on it. Amazon, Uber, Flipkart, and FoodPanda, etc. are examples of such websites.
  •  You don’t need any special education or technical skills to start affiliate marketing.
  •  You can promote your products with or without investment as you like. With the
    investment, you will provide different incentives to your customers for purchasing a
    product through your link.
  •  It is very cost-effective.
  •  With little time and effort, you can make any amount of money.
  •  You are not bound to promote a certain product rather you can promote any product you
    love to use and review.
  •  You don’t have to quit your regular job to start earning passive money. You can take it as
    a side job and can work whenever you like as it is not time-bound. It is flexible,
    independent, and convenient.

How to start Affiliate marketing?

Before going into the affiliate marketing business, you need to decide or consider a few things.
Firstly, Choose an affiliate network which you think is best suitable for you. There are thousands
of affiliate networks in the market. For beginners who are just starting, Amazon Associate is best.
It has a user-friendly interface and promoting your products is very easy. Secondly, you need to
decide your product niche. It is the most important step in affiliate marketing. You need to decide
on the product you are going to promote. You may choose the product you love to use or you
can search on internet recent trends of products related to your niche. Now follow the steps to
start affiliate marketing and earn passive money.

  •  Plan your whole marketing strategy as it is the most important thing that will help you in
    making money.
  •  Create your website on which you will be promoting the products. If you don’t know how
    to create a website, you can hire someone who can do this for you in little money. Define
    your niche and create a unique domain name. The domain will help the companies to
    track out your performance i.e. Clicks, cookies, and purchases.
  •  Set up analytics and know about your performance.
  •  Sign up with the affiliate program you have chosen.
  •  Create content for affiliate marketing. The best trick is to use Search engine optimization
    keywords in your content.
  •  Generate traffic to your website by promoting your content. You will get a commission
    on each product being purchased through your affiliate link.
  •  Regularly optimize and review your website strategy to earn passive money.
    Tips for successful affiliate marketing
    The following are some important tips that you can consider in affiliate marketing to earn passive
  •  Promote your affiliate content on all the social media platforms you use i.e. Facebook,
    Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, etc.
  •  Build a very friendly relationship with your audience.
  •  Use proper keywords that best describe the product and are highly SEO optimized.
  •  Use and test the product by your self. Make a video and give a review of that particular
    product. This will build the trust of your audience on the products you’re using and they
    will buy that product.
  •  You can also drive paid traffic towards your website. But this technique is for those
    companies who are selling a large number of products.
  •  Build an email list so that you can answer questions of your audience.
  •  Place links in your content in a proper that it does not look too far or too spammy.


There are many options to make passive money online through affiliate marketing. You can make
huge earnings with little effort at the start. Once you’ve generated an audience, making money
online will be making a cupcake for you. Once you get a high-demanding product, you can make
decent money. Choose your favorite affiliate marketing platform and start earning today!

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