Selling digital files on Etsy and Earn Passive income

Selling digital files on Etsy and Earn Passive income

Selling digital files on Etsy can be a very nice way of earning passive income online. A digital file
is an electronic form of document which can be sold online without needing to be shipped
physically. These files are downloadable, and the buyer can print it by himself. There are many
platforms that allows you to earn passive income by selling digital courses. But Udemy can be of
great advantage due to its high margin of earning. There is a lot of money selling digital
downloads online. Most bloggers and freelancers find this opportunity an effective way of
generating side income i.e. Passive money.

The main advantage of selling digital files is that it can be sold many times without putting an
effort in creating & marketing each time. Because these files can be purchased & downloaded
anytime by the buyers, you can make money while sleeping. But all that process of creating
digital files, editing, selling, and marketing is not easy. You have put a lot of effort in making this
business successful to earn money passively.

How to create an Etsy shop & start selling digital files?

Creating an Etsy shop and selling digital downloads takes a lot of time and effort. Once you have
successfully created an Etsy shop you can start selling digital downloads by various marketing
strategies. For creating an Etsy shop online, you need to consider following things.

  •  Defining your niche in Etsy is the most important stage and you need to put a lot of effort
    in deciding right niche for your shop. Chosing a unique niche will set you apart from other
    Etsy shops. Because of the large number of Etsy sellers, there is a lot of competition on
    the Etsy market. Defining a unique niche will also lower down your competition.
  •  Decide which tools you are going to use to create a digital file. An attractive and engaging
    file with nice photos will attract more people to buy your file. You can use following
    software to create digital file design according to your ease of use:

    • Adobe illustrator
    •  Adobe Photoshop
    •  Pixlr
    •  Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Canva
    • PickMoney
  •  Choose a unique name of your Etsy shop. Choose a name that can differentiate your
    online shop from other 1.7 million shops on Etsy. The name of store should match your
    niche. For example, if your niche is related to newborn dresses then the name of shop
    should be related to it i.e. Infant’s boutique, etc.
  •  Write an engaging shop story, shop headline, story of your business, shop members, and
    other details of your Etsy shop.
  •  To successfully running your Etsy shop, you need to use SEO keywords for search engine
    optimization. It will help people discover Etsy shop and see your digital files.
    How Does Etsy digital downloads work?

Once you have uploaded digital files on your Etsy shop and have successfully marketed your files,
you have nothing to do from your end now. Whenever someone purchases your product the
entire process will be handled by the website and you will be receive your passive income. Selling
digital files after successfully establishing an Etsy shop and marketing, you can make huge
amount of money without making any effort furthermore. An average seller can earn up to
$10,000 per month after successful promotion and sales.

What are the best selling digital downloads on Etsy?

Knowing the best selling digital files is very important for Etsy shop owner to successfully run its
Etsy shop. By knowing best selling products you will be able to learn and analyze your potential
in those niches. You will create products related to the same niche. Following are some of the
best selling digital files on Etsy. You can earn passive income by selling digital files on Etsy.

  •  Printable Artwork is very popular on Etsy because it is appealing for the budget conscious
    crowd. Several types of artwork are available at Etsy ranging from Art for nurseries,
    kitchens, offices, landscapes, photos, and quotes.
  • Graphics designing has a huge scope in selling digital downloads on Etsy because it makes
    other projects easier. Some designs are easier to create than others. Graphic designs
    include Clip Art, Logos, Stock photos, Backgrounds, mockups, fonts, and 3D print files, etc.
  • Printable worksheets or forms are also popular in Etsy but there is a lot of competition
    in this niche as many people are doing the same.
  • Party supplier digital downloads are very high demanding on Etsy and has a huge market.
    You can target many events such as Bridal shower party, Baby shower party, Wedding
    party, Invitations, gift tags, greeting cards, and Party favors, etc.

Strategies to sell more digital printable files

Before following any strategy, you need to keep in mind that success does not happen overnight,
and you need to be hardworking. Patience is the key to success and for passive income, it takes
time to make an active income business passive. The following are some of the strategies that
can help you sell more files but keep in mind it will not happen overnight.

  1.  Promote your digital files outside Etsy and on different social media platforms. You can
    drive your social media traffic towards Etsy and boost up sales.
  2.  Offer discounts on the first purchase of printable digital files.
  3.  You can also get paid reviews because most buyers purchase products based on the
  4.  Create only those printable in which you think you are master. Know what you are doing
    and plan your strategy. Start selling digital files on Etsy and earn passive money with
    dedication and hard work.


Establishing a successful store on Etsy demands effort and time. You need to plan a whole
strategy from deciding your niche to marketing your digital Etsy files. Put your hundred
percent in creating the shop and wait for the results. You will soon start selling digital files
and earn passive income.

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