Selling eBooks online and making passive money

Do you think you have proficient writing skills and knowledge? Are you looking for a way you
can make passive income by writing? If yes, this article is a must read for you. In this article, you
are going to learn how to write eBooks? How you can earn passive income by selling eBooks
online? What is the scope of this business? And how to promote your eBooks to boost up sales?
But before learning how to earn passive income by selling eBooks online, let us understand what
passive income is. Many people misunderstand the idea of passive income. People think passive
income is a form of income that you get by doing nothing at all. But that’s not true. You can get
nothing for free. Passive income requires an initial investment be it your time or money and
handwork. After some time that hard work will pay you back in the form of passive income where
you don’t work and invest anymore. There are several ways to earn passive income and selling
eBooks online is from one of them. You can make a large amount of money by selling eBooks
online if you are a good writer or have someone who writes quality content for you. Let us learn
how to earn by selling eBooks online.

How to write eBooks?

Writing eBooks is very easy if you’ve excellent vocabulary, grammar, and good command on your
language. But if you don’t want to spend so much time writing a book, you can hire someone
who can write for you. Many freelancing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr has a lot of
freelancers who can write books for you in a small amount of money. Read the following
instructions if you are going to write an eBook by yourself for online selling.

1. Firstly, you need to decide what are the topics of your interest in which you can write a
book with proficiency. This is the key step in eBook writing. You also need to understand
the trends of different platforms and learn which topics are of readers’ interests. Find
the problems of the target audience and think about the solutions. eBooks having ‘How
to…’. Topics are going to get more sales than simple topics i.e. Healthy diet.
2. Secondly, you need to validate your eBook idea that is something that will resonate with
the audience. Ask your friends & family members, post on different social media
platforms, and ask for public opinion. Now if you think it’s the best idea then that’s great
but if not then think about another one.
3. Now start writing your eBook. The content should be unique, engaging, and appealing
for the audience. Do proper formatting.
4. Design the Cover page of your book. An attractive cover page can help you sell more
copies of your book as compared to a dull cover page. If you don’t know how to design
an attractive cover page, you should hire someone to do that.
5. You can also you different online softwares for writing eBooks such as Adobe InDesign,
MOBI, iBook, and Google docs, etc.

How you can earn passive income by selling eBooks online?

Once you’ve written a book, the next thing is to publish it on an online platform. There are many
platforms where you can publish your book and earn a significant amount of money passively.
But you should choose a good platform where you can publish it. You can publish and sell your
books on Amazon eBooks, Kindle Direct Publishing, or Apple Books. You can also make passive
income by selling eBooks online if you have your blog or website. Every website cuts a certain
amount of commission and gives you the rest of the money when someone buys your book. For
example, Amazon KDP gives you 70% of the royalty for each book you sell.

Your income by selling eBooks online will depend on the number of books sold. An average
person on Amazon KDP earns $377.87 monthly. That’s a very significant amount of money when
you are generating passively.

What is the scope of selling eBooks online?

Selling eBooks online has a huge scope both for a publisher and a reader in today’s Digital Era.
People sell and buy eBooks online because:

  •  From a publisher’s point of view, it saves the cost of printing.
  •  From a reader’s point of view, it saves the cost of traveling to go to a physical store and
    buy the book physically.
  •  Publishing sites such as Amazon KDP allows you to self-publish eBooks which saves the
    time that it takes to convince a publisher to publish your book.
  •  People usually have no time to physically buy the book, so they prefer buying eBooks. In
    this way the publisher’s income increases.
  •  People find it easier to read books on their digital devices i.e. Laptops, tablets, mobile
    phones, etc. This in other words is beneficial for the publishers.
  •  By publishing eBook on a worldwide famous website increases the scope of sales because
    the book has worldwide exposure and can be accessed by anyone.
  •  The scope of buying eBooks never ends and it becomes a permanent source of passive
    income for the publisher.

How to promote your eBooks to boost up sales?

There are several ways you can promote your eBooks and can earn money by selling eBooks
online. The following are some ways where you can promote your eBooks:

  •  Many publishers offer a promotional price or discount on the purchase of books. The
    discount can be either time-limited or limited by the number of books offering at a
    discount. The readers would buy your book on the promotional price rather than the
    actual price.
  •  You can send free eBooks to your friends and family members to read it and give a review.
    They can also help you in promoting your eBook in their social circle.
  •  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. are very useful in promoting your eBook in different
    groups and pages.
  •  You can also run a free promotion on your eBook on the platform you have published it.
  •  Another way of promoting your eBook can be paid promotion if you can afford it. Many
    businesses and publishing companies are using this strategy to promote their books.


There is an effort required to sell eBooks online and earn passive income. But once you have
established your name as a publisher, you can make earnings up to $5000 per month. But to do
this, be sure that your eBook has quality content and have a topic which people want to read,
learn, or know.

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