Take Surveys For Cash Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

Take Surveys For Cash Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

You have to believe me when I tell you that this is not what you want. If you have time, you can read my hilarious review of this perfectly executed scam. So, Jason White is the creator of this and he calls himself the King of Paid Surveys.

Well, he is the so-called king of this and he has made some pretty outrageous claims.

He claims to have made $275,000 from this kind of work.

That is total bull crap but before we dismiss him completely…and we will…let’s hear him out.

The idea is that he has this super cool list that has all the A-List companies that are willing to pay you for your services as a reviewer.

And he is willing to give it to you for a small price.

You will have access to a list that has names of companies who are…get this…desperate to hire people to review them.

Because there aren’t enough people willing to do that for peanuts…he says you should join this.

I will tell you now so that you wouldn’t say you were never told. This guy is lying to you. Companies are not desperate for reviewers. There are too many reviewers on the internet such that they can afford to be extremely choosy.

When he tells you that you can make a tonne of money from this, he is baiting you. Yes, you can make money by taking paid surveys but not with this hocus pocus claim. You might make something but its money you can buy the occasional burger with, not a Ferrari.

What is The Take Surveys Cash All About?

As I hinted earlier, this is a business transaction that avails to you a list that will have names of companies. These are the high profile companies who need you to review them and or their products. They will supposedly pay better money than any other company.

All you need to do is fork out a little money to Jason White and presto, you are rich.

I will honestly tell you that if he made any money, it was not from the surveys he took. It would be from the money people paid to get this list. He has executed a perfect scam and I wish I had seen that before he did. All you gullible people would be mine.

I would insert an evil laugh here but let’s finish this review first.

How does The Take Surveys for Cash Work

Here is how you are trolling the internet for ways to get aid when you see this ad that says some guy named Jason White has found a trick to make money from surveys. Out of good curiosity, you click on that.

Next thing you know, you are reading some testimonies from him. He details a life of glitz and glamour that has been funded by these surveys and then he delivers the punch line, ‘turns out, I have a list of the people who can pay you and you have to pay me to get it’.

Cue laughter…next scam cue card please…this list is nothing like what you find on the net.

Now he has you hooked. You believe that he has a list and that it is awesome. The way he describes that list, it sounds like a very valuable thing.

Why share it? If I had a list that important, I would memorize all the details and lock the copy in my Russian lacquer box.

The same place where I keep my recipe for cooking a list of rare African delicacies that my grandmother from Egypt gave me. Anyway, he proceeds to offer this to you at a reasonable price. Like a fool, you fork out cold hard cash for a few peanuts. I almost did.

The guy would have been LOL to the bank with my money to buy another PS4.

What You Get When You Buy This

Mr. White says that you will be given just the top-paying companies to work with. That way, you won’t have to wait long to buy a ‘green’ Prius and stuff like that. There is everything wrong with this one.

You need to know that there is no way that a list like this could help your fortunes. Taking surveys will give you money he says and proceeds to show you an image of what could be his hand holding a 500 dollar check. He makes some outrageous claims that are just hilarious.

He will also claim that large billion-dollar corporations are in desperate need of the people to give feedback and also review.

This is a lie, if I am a billionaire, I probably don’t need you because clearly, my product is selling and if I need these services, I will be super picky.

I would probably walk into a university and hire an entire class of English and literature majors to do that for me. Not some random internet people who I may or may not be Nigerian princesses. You get what I mean, this is too dubious.

What You Need to Know That Jason Won’t Tell You

This kind of business takes time and also money to build. You don’t just stumble your way into it. You need to know how everything that is in the market works before you can take your shoes off and step inside.

The surveys are not the best way to make money on the internet, sometimes you might get lucky but most of the time its grunt work. You get paid $3 or $4 to take surveys every hour and that is just beneath! Yes, I just puked; I mean how desperate are you?

The Final Verdict

What did you think I was going to say, that ‘oh I am sorry this is a prank, you are going to be rich’? My verdict still stands, don’t buy this if you value your money. There is nothing but sadness waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

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